Hi, I'm Shafiq Fahmi.

And I do marketing.

The people that are close to me usually call me “Mr. Genius”. (If they really mean what I think they mean, I feel like that statement, is slightly exaggerated! Slightly. Lol.)

I’ve tried and done a lot of stuff in my life. Literally A LOT! I could list all of “the stuff” right here. Fortunately, I have no intention in making this page a 15,000 words long essay. So.. maybe next time.

But in short, I could say that I’m a jack of all trades, but master of none. Until.. I encounter the term “marketing”.

It’s like I’ve met the love of my life.

Since then, I’ve devoted my whole existence towards studying, implementing, and improving myself in this particular area.

When it comes to marketing, why should you consider listening to what I say?

Okay.. Let’s get to know each other a little bit deeper, and in context.

I want you to Take a close look at these pictures..

You see lots of people right?

These are photos from several LIVE marketing & business events, with multiple hundreds to thousands of (paying) people in a hall at one time.

You see, getting a person to give out their emails to download a free e-book, is not that hard. It doesn’t take much convincing, and it can be done within seconds.

But getting people to move their heavy a**es around, is a whole different story.

Those people inside the hall? Those are highly qualified leads.

They’re from all over the country gathering in one place, and they spent not only their money, but also (most importantly) their precious, non-renewable time to be at the event.

Consequently, almost all of these events lead to a revenue of at least six figures. At least.

Pretty impressive, right?

I’m one of the few men behind this multi-million dollar success.

And we do this about 5-6 times per year. With an average duration of 2-3 months for each campaigns.

So folks. Trust me. I have a system.

"But Shafiq, those are offline events.. what about online events?"


Some of the things that i'm (confidently) good at

E-Mail Marketing

Funnel Building

Website Design

Product Launching

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Content Creation

Viral Marketing

Some of the Companies I've worked with

And many more..

Why Small businesses, agencies, and startup entrepreneurs?

Because I understand the struggle of starting a business, especially in terms of keeping the costs as low as possible, while maintaining the quality of service and at the same time, keeping your sanity in tact.

I get you. In fact, I’m a cheap person too! 




Junior Marketer


KESM Industries Sdn Bhd

Production Supervisor

2018 - Present

Coway (M) Sdn Bhd

Health Planner (Part-timer)


Strand Aerospace (M) Sdn Bhd

Trainee Engineer


2014 - 2018

International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak

Bachelor of Engineering (Manufacturing) (Hons.)

2012 - 2013

Centre for Foundation Studies, IIUM

Foundation in Engineering and Computer Science

2009 - 2011

SM Sains Selangor

Science Stream


Premiere Pro