We will be focusing on what your objectives are for your website, and how we could achieve it. This includes initial layout concepts, features, and cost of the website.

My prices are flexible. I provide a flexible service to cater to every customers’ unique needs, and therefore, the prices are set according to how big or small the project is. Detailed costing will be laid out during the consultation session.

This depends on how big the project is. A normal 10 pages website will take me around two weeks to build. A simple landing page for leads generation could take less than a week.

Provide me with the contents to be included on your website. This includes your logo, company color scheme, relevant company info, pictures (and videos) of business/products, promotional materials, and contact information. Simply put all texts in a word or pdf file should suffice.

All maintenance and further edits to the website will be free for a year after finalization. After that, minimal charge will be imposed.

Yes there is. 50% of the final price will be collected before creating your website.